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 Reiki Course Level 3


  • All the Reiki courses are taught by a Reiki Teacher Master Zanna. The Master Teacher Reiki Level 3, allowing the student to teach Reiki and dramatically elevating the student's awareness. After your level 3 Reiki course you will have the knowledge to be a highly competent and professional Reiki Master Teacher. You will understand the full responsibilities that come with being a Reiki teacher and the implications of this for your personal development and path in life.

  • Your Master attunement will have dramatically raised your frequency, strengthening your healing abilities and increasing your intuition to enable you to help people effectively as a teacher. The Reiki level 3 course is taught by request only.  All Reiki courses include professional certification and a Reiki manual.


  • 1 attunement and 1 Reiki symbol ( 4th Reiki symbol ) with this course, professional certification and practice.



  • Day 1:

Uusi Reiki Ryoho, Reiki ( Usui -do ) lineage, Usui Master symbol, Using the master symbol, 21 day Reiki healing crisis, Attunement biofeedback, Reiki attunements, Giving Reiki attunements 1,2,3,4,5,6.


  • Day 2:

Psychic surgery, Western Reiki meditation, Japanese meditations, Teaching Reiki level 1, 2, 3; Reference (the Usui Reiki Ryoho hand book by founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho - Dr Mikao Usui).


  • For those who have already been trained to Reiki and want to do our courses or feel they would like to have
    Re-attunements you are also welcome, please contact us.

 Being attuned to the Reiki Level 3 symbol is the start of the final stage of your Reiki path to enlightenment. At this level you can raise your vibrational frequency to its highest point through right thinking, right living and self-healing. Being a Reiki Master is the beginning of enlightenment and true spirituality. Learn to trust completely in God (or the Universe). Accept the blessing of complete and unconditional love you are given.

  As your skill and knowledge in Reiki grows, so too will your personal power. Use this power to heal and to enlighten, and to bring spiritual realisation. Be conscious of your growing power, as your every thought and your every action will have an effect. Think and act always for the highest good of all concerned.

  Learn to trust in the flow of life, accept life and follow your path. Know that everything has a place and everything has a purpose in the Universe. We are all a part of the Universe, we are all a part of each other, yet yours is a higher purpose. Be prepared to shed the negativity and understand that your life will change.

The Master Symbol 4

Being attuned to the Master Symbol 4 deeply unifies your personal physical and spiritual energy – you will truly be in union with Source Energy as you walk your path to enlightenment.

At the Master Teacher Level you raise your vibrational frequency to its highest point and gain deeper self-healing and enhanced self-awareness. To become a Reiki Master Teacher is to make a deep personal commitment to enlightenment and living spirituality. You learn to trust completely in the Universe.

As your knowledge and practice of Reiki grow, so too will your personal healing skills. Work with the Reiki of the Universe to heal, to enlighten and to bring about realisation of spiritual potential in yourself and others. Think and act always for the highest good of all concerned. Know that everything has a place and everything has a purpose in the Universe. We are all a part of the Universe and we all have a higher purpose.


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