Traditional Reiki Healing

  Traditional Reiki Courses in London

About Reiki

  •  What Is Reiki?

    Reiki is a method of energy healing which originated in Japan at the turn of the 20th Century. It is a system of healing that transforms and heals the body and mind. Reiki energy is the healing energy of the Universe. A Reiki practitioner harnesses this energy via a series of attuments, which in effect, switch on the ability to transfer Reiki energy to yourself and others.


  •  Why Take a Reiki Course?

   Taking Reiki courses can dramatically change your life in so many ways. By taking a Reiki course and self-healing every day many of my students have achieved things that they previously would never have thought possible. Reiki courses are simple to learn and by self-healing every day you can connect with your intuition and heal yourself on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. In a two day Reiki course you can obtain the ability to heal yourself and others on all levels for a wide range of problems and conditions. You can change your life and the lives of others. Reiki is simple and natural to learn and absolutely anyone can learn Reiki.


  •  What Are Reiki Attunements?

   Reiki attunements are adjustments made by the Reiki Teacher Master to the students energy to connect to the source of the Universe energy and allow the flow of energy from the Universe into the student. This allows the student to to develop themselves on every level to fulfill their higher path. When this alignment is successfully conveyed, the student has this ability swithed on to energy and can utilize this ability immediately for healing. 


  •  Why Do A Combined Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 Course?

  When a student is attuned to Reiki, whether on a short course over one or two days or on a longer course over many weeks, a cleansing and healing process takes place over a period of time. This is called the "21 day cleansing process" . The more self-healing is done over this time, the easier and shorter the process is. Level 1 does not actually teach Reiki healing using the Usui symbols, only Rei healing (spiritual healing) is taught. Level 2 teaches Reiki healing for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions, allowing the student to heal themselves much more effectively during (and after) the cleansing process.


  •  What Are The Benefits Of Reiki?

   Reiki has many benefits, both in a physical way and in a spiritual way. Once attuned, the flow of Reiki energy gives continuous healing on every level. Self healing on a regular basis increases the flow, and the beneficial effects of the Reiki energy. Generally, people tend to feel much less stressed, more energized and much more focused., everything seems clearer. Reiki is a life changing course, the start of a spiritual journey. Reiki gives the gift of attaining happiness.

  • Can Therapists Use Reiki With Other Treatments?

  Reiki works well with any form of healing treatment. Reiki enhances the benefits of the therapists existing form of healing. Clients usually feel the difference in the treatment they are receiving.

  •  Can Anyone Learn Reiki?

   I think that anyone can lern Reiki, even if in some cases it means having a little extra tuition and practice time.  Reiki takes you on a beautiful journey and brings you many blessings.  I hope you enjoy the gift of Reiki, work with it and in this way you will experience the true joy of Reiki.

  •  What Is A Reiki Lineage?

   Reiki lineage refers to the line of Reiki Masters that leads to the student. For traditional Reiki the line begins with Dr Usui, and continues with one of his Reiki Masters, and then to one of theirs and so it continues. For a healing system to be called Reiki and be recognized as such, the lineage must trace back to Mikao Usui.  


Reiki and Science

We are not mere physical bodies – we are surrounded by a subtle energy field.

The body is a natural conductor of electro-magnetic energy.  Electrical impulses are constantly transmitted throughout the body. This energy creates a series of biomagnetic fields around the body. We shall refer to this biomagnetic energy field as the aura.

Every part of the body produces a unique energetic vibration of varied frequencies. Each cell, organ or tissue has its own optimal resonant frequency, which is the frequency it emits in its normal, healthy state. These vibrations are not restricted to each body part, cell, organ or tissue but transmit energetically throughout the body and the aura. As changes occur in the physical and energetic body this vibrational frequency changes. Likewise if the energetic frequency changes then this impacts on the physical/energetic body.

Anyone channelling healing energy creates a powerful biomagnetic field from their hands. Other forms of energy are also present, such as bioelectric energy, thermal energy and photonic/light/energy. This strong biomagnetic field sweeps through the entire ELF (extremely low frequency) electromagnetic spectrum.  Reiki Healers channel external electromagnetic energy from Source Energy. The frequency range of Reiki Energy goes higher than ELF. Therefore Reiki Healing Energy can be used to treat conditions of all causes from emotional and spiritual origins through to the frequencies required to heal physical trauma.