Traditional Reiki Healing

  Traditional Reiki Courses in London

About Reiki Healing

Reiki is a unique and very powerful form of healing which can give specific results according to the intention and direction of the Reiki Healer. 

  A Reiki Healer is empowered to treat conditions directly by channelling energy at the frequency required for the specific condition. The Reiki Healer can amplify the power of the healing by holding a strong intention and visualisation to maximise the benefit of the healing. In other words the Reiki Healer themself will influence the outcome by their own intention and focus.

 Also Reiki Healers work intuitively with Reiki Energy so that only the required energy is channelled. This is achieved by the use of Reiki Symbols learned in Reiki Levels 2 and 3.

  Reiki is limitless. Reiki can heal physical disease and trauma and also heal the originating energetic pattern which caused the condition. It is important to remember this when giving healing, as your intention to heal the injury/illness and the originating energetic cause is absolutely vital. The physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are interconnected.

 A physical condition may be caused or aggravated by an emotional trauma, so different energies are needed to treat the physical symptom and the emotional source. It is much more effective to concentrate all the energy on healing the priority condition first and then deal with the underlying cause.

   Where a presenting pain is not linked to physical damage, and is purely caused by emotional trauma, you will treat the emotional trauma directly with Reiki Level 2 and 3 Symbols. Reiki can be used to heal the physical body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit. Reiki is versatile because it works at so many different frequencies therefore healing can be given for any condition on any level:

On a physical level – bones, ligaments, diseases ...

On a material level – manifesting goals, attracting opportunities ...

On a mental/emotional level – stress, tension, depression, bereavement ...

On a spiritual level – unity with Universal Source Energy ...

   You can give healing for any condition. Reiki works for the highest good – the result may not always be what the person receiving Reiki wants, but it will be what they need. Happily many times you get both what you want and what you need.

Distant Reiki healing

The distant healing method is used to give healing across space and time – past, present and future. Distant healing can be sent in present time, or can be "programmed" to be sent at any time in the future. Distant Reiki healing you will learn in Reiki Level 2 course.

You can use distant healing:


to send healing energy to someone in present time across space, if you cannot meet in person

to heal past emotional traumas or situations that may be causing symptoms in the present – this includes sending healing in to past lives

to send energy in to the future to manifest your goals

It is best to send distant healing in the sitting down position rather than lying down – as this alert position will help you to maintain focus.