Traditional Reiki Healing

  Traditional Reiki Courses in London

Reiki Courses Level 1 & 2

  • All the Reiki courses are taught by a Reiki Teacher Master Zhanna. Level 1 and level 2 have been taught as two separate Reiki courses in the West, but they are much more beneficial when taught together as one course. This corresponds much more closely to how Usui Sensei the founder, taught Reiki. Reiki courses also available in English and Russian languages.

  • After your level 1 & 2 Reiki course you will have a greater understanding of Reiki and using Reiki actively to work on conditions on a physical and emotional/mental level. The attunement will dramatically raise your frequency and enable you to access specific frequencies of energy.

  • You will understand the integral purpose of the Reiki symbols and their respective kotodama and you will understand how these work and how to use them for self healing and healing others. After this course the student can practice Reiki professionally.  All Reiki courses include professional certification and a Reiki manual.


  • 5 attunements and 3 Reiki symbols  ( 1, 2, 3  Reiki symbols )  with this course, professional certification and practice.

  • Syllabus :


  • DAY 1: 7 hours.

Introduction, Meaning of the word Reiki, Scientific explanation of Reiki, History of Reiki, Your linege to Dr Mikao Usui, Reiki ideals, What Reiki can be used for, Attunements, 21 day cleansing process, The main Reiki hand positions, Kanji hand positions, Signs of release, Grounding and protection, Self healing, Aura cleansing ( Rei shower ), Two consciousness, Contra indications, The law and Reiki healers, Biofeedback, Reiki scanning, Jakikiri joka ho, Rei healing, Glossary of Reiki terms.


        Day 2: 7 hours 

Practice all Reiki level 2 meditation techniques.


  • DAY 3: 7 hours

The Reiki symbols, Kotodoma, Drawing the symbols, Passive healing, Active healing, Professionalism and treating clients, Interview form, Treatment form, Giving Reiki treatments, Working as a Reiki practitioner, Reiki healing, Distant Reiki, Beaming, Japanese Reiki techniques, Relaxation methods, 7 steps Reiki healing system, Reference (book 'How Reiki works').

        Day 4:  7 hours 


 Practice all Reiki level 1 meditation techniques.

  • Reiki Courses  Level 1 & 2 can be taken separately. For those who have already been trained to Reiki and want to do our courses or feel they would like to have Re-attunements you are also welcome, please contact us.

The Attunement process

The attunement process is a necessary part of practising Reiki: the attunement provides a connection between the student and the Reiki of the Universe.  You could also call this Divine Energy or Source Energy.  It makes no difference what you call the Energy or where you believe it comes from.  Anyone can be attuned to Reiki no matter which spiritual tradition you follow.

Reiki attunements are performed by the Reiki Master Teacher to connect the student direct to the Source of Reiki. When this attunement is complete, the student has the ability to channel Reiki Energy immediately for healing.  Full attunement is achieved only once the student has had both the Reiki Level I and II attunements.

The attunement process sets Reiki apart from other energy healing systems.  It allows the practitioner to channel energy from the Reiki of the Universe rather than relying on their own personal life force energy.

 During the attunement process, energy channels are opened and enhanced in the student to allow healing Reiki Energy to flow freely. The attunements raise the student's vibrational frequency so that they become closer to The Universe and therefore more aware. This is done the moment the attunement process is complete. This is what makes Reiki such a wonderful and effective method for healing and spiritual development.

The attunement process is a truly spiritual experience. Once you are connected to the Universal Life Force it helps you to connect to your higher self, increasing your intuitive ability and receptiveness to guidance from the Universe. This in turn helps you find and follow your higher path. The attunement process itself starts a healing process within you that heals you emotionally, physically and spiritually. It helps you to see life in a much clearer way and enables you to make better choices in your life and fulfil your true potential.

The attunement process is the beginning of a wonderful journey.