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Reiki Symbols

Shirushi is the Japanese word for Reiki Symbol. Dr Usui Mikao started using the Symbols in his Reiki healing and teaching in 1923. The Level 2 Symbols are called 1, 2 and 3 and the Master Symbol is called Symbol 4.

 The Symbols are a means of accessing the Reiki of the Universe at the required frequency to use on any area of the mind, body and soul.

Each Symbol has a Jumon which literally translated means words that carry spirit".  The Jumon is the name or mantra or pronunciation of the name of the Symbol.

The Symbols are used to channel specific frequencies of Universal Energy to work on the physical body (Symbol 1), the emotional body (Symbol 2) and as a connection for unity/distant healing (Symbol 3). To invoke the power of Reiki energy you visualise the required Symbol, intend that the Reiki will flow and say Kotodama (saying the name of the Symbol three times).  When you add colour (a beautiful, pure white or golden light) to your visualisation and intention, you can invoke more precise frequencies of energy to work on specific conditions directly.

My Note: when I first started practising Reiki, I would visualise amethyst, pink, green and other colours.  With experience, I have found that visualising the Symbols or Reiki flow in a pure white or golden light gives the most miraculous results.

The Symbols are purely a means of focus for students initially to facilitate the flow of Reiki when they first start practising. Once a Reiki Practitioner becomes comfortable with channelling Reiki, they are able to give healing simply by intending that Reiki flows through them. Essentially a child would use stabiliser wheels when they are learning to ride a bicycle and then the training wheels are removed once they become confident on their own.

The Reiki Symbols are sacred, they were given to us by the Highest Power. We must always respect the Symbols and the power associated with them. Whenever the Symbols are used (whether visualised or drawn) it is better that the Symbols are used as precisely and as close to their original form as possible.

When you use Reiki, you can vary the frequency and amplitude (power) of the energy you are channelling, to match the frequency required for the condition you are healing. The more accurately you can do this, the more effective the healing will be.  It is vital that your healing intention is matched with the optimal energy so that you produce the healing results you would wish to have.

The frequency of the Reiki energy is derived from the Symbol’s shape and colour. Symbols have an energy based on their sacred form. If the Symbols are changed in any way, then the energy is changed also. The resulting energy may be less effective unless the correct form of the Symbol is used. As you practice Reiki Level 2, try to draw or visualise the Symbols in a white/golden colour. But, if a different colour intuitively comes to you when you are using the symbol, use that colour – trust that Reiki energy is guiding you for that individual healing.